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| Silent Flushing |

Built-in water tank

The built-in tank design saves space and looks elegant. It reduces the risk of leaks and provides stronger flushing power, ensuring a cleaner experience every time.

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|Space Saver|

Enforcement of ADA Standards

Designed to meet ADA height standards, it’s convenient for the elderly, pregnant women, and those with mobility issues. This user-friendly feature enhances comfort and ease of use.

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|Smart Life|

Auto Open Close Lid

The auto-lid function requires no manual operation, promoting better hygiene. Enjoy the convenience of technology and the comfort of an intelligent and hygienic experience every time.

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My Story

It was founded in 2006.We are committed to make every daily life more comfortable, hygienic, and personalized
We seeks for the best combination of elegant design and outstanding function.Our products are exported to many countries

CUPC certification is a compliance certification for piping and fitting products in the North American market, ensuring products meet safety, hygiene, and quality standards.

IAPMO EGS certification is a compliance certification for electrical products, ensuring they meet safety and performance standards for global markets.

CEC certification is a compliance certification for electrical products, ensuring they meet safety, environmental, and energy efficiency standards.

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Since our inception in 2006, EPLO has been at the forefront of innovation in the intelligent bathroom sector, leading the way with a vision

to provide people with a more convenient, intelligent, and comfortable hygiene experience.

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