EPLO Smart Toilet G20PRO

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Model: G20PRO-Tank

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  • 【For Low Water Pressure】Built-in water tank.E-SHION flushing system and tornado flushing technology.Flushing sound as low as 53DB.The sound is much lower than a direct-flush smart toilet that relies on a solenoid valve.
  • 【Hands-free Operation】Auto open lid when approaching, auto flush and close lid when leaving. Foot sensor to open/close the seat & lid, also to activate flushing, more convenient.
  • 【Flush even if the power off】Purely mechanical manipulation of water parts,flushes normally during power outage.No batteries, no need to replace.
  • 【Various Washing Methods】Self-cleaning wand offers adjustable spray shape, position, water pressure, temperature, pulsate, and oscillate functions.
  • 【More Humanized Design】ECO energy savings mode ensures electricity is never wasted.Full or half flush(1.6GPF/1.1GPF) can save water and money.
  • 【Convenient Features】Heated seat, nightlight, deodorization, instant warm water and warm-dryer, plus a remote control.
  • 【Have Problem】If you encounter any problems,please contact us through Amazon and we will reply within 24 hours.
Model: G20PRO-Tank

Tornado Flushing TECK ● Lower Flush Sound

● Built-in water tank.Unique E-SHION flushing system and tornado flushing technology.Stronger brushing and no water pressure to worry about.

● Flushing sound as low as 53DB.The sound is much lower than a direct-flush smart toilet that relies on a solenoid valve.

● Flushes normally during power outage.No batteries, no need to replace.

● Siphonic Jet Flushing TECH provide strong flushing power. Siphoning before jetting, it can reduce waste accumulation and keep the toilet clean..


Hands-free Operation

● When user enters the sensing range, the lid opens automatically.It will close automatically 180 seconds after user leaves.

● Foot sensor to open/close the seat & lid, also to activate flushing, more convenient.

● Seat Postion: Auto Open Lid>>Using>>Off-seat Flush>>Auto Close Lid

● Stand Postion:Auto Open Lid>>Foot Sensor Open Seat>>Using>>Foot Sensor Flush>>Auto Close Seat/Lid


No Worries about Forgetting Flush ● Dual Flush

● When leaving the seat,the smart toilet will auto flush,no bending over to operate.

● Recognize seat time >60S (stool) as dual flush, recognize seat time <60S and foot sensor flush (urine) as half flush. This ensures efficient cleaning and saves water.


Immediately Activated Features when Sit

● A small amount of water automatically comes out to wet the inner wall. Not easy to stick, Easier to flush.

● Diatom deodorizaion,creating a fresh and natural bathroom environment.


Various Washing Methods

● Mult Wash Mode:rear wash,Feminine wash,Moving wash.

● Self-cleaning nozzle: self-cleaning before cleaning, more hygienic.

● Spray cleaning location: 5 different level adjustment.

● Nozzle can be removed for cleaning, more hygienic.


Instant Warm Water&Arc-shape Wand

● Independent water inlet pipe,high-quality heating tube, heats in one second.

● Arc-shape Spray Wand,Effectively avoid contact with falling waste.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jeffrey Hale
Great features and good performance so far!

My particular installation required that a copper elbow be installed on the supply line. It would’ve been very difficult to predict this ahead of the actual installation, so everyone ought to be prepared with a friend or professional in mind just in case they need this. The toilet works very, very well and, I am so happy that we upgraded!!

Caroline King
Easy to Use

This toilet came with everything I needed to hook it up. It performs all functions listed in the product description. Pre-wash bowl, Front and Rear Wash with warm water, Air Dryer, Bowel is lit in blue. Toe tap at side bottom for standing hands free lid lifting.NOTE: Approach Lid lift is not configured by default. You have to use the hand control with a long press on the open/close button to get it configured. After that, the lid will raise on your approach.

Stefan Dickens
Far exceeded our expectations

I was a bit nervous to buy a toilet from a company I never heard of and you may be too. Let me tell you, don't let fear drive you away. This toilet is amazing. Easy installation by our plumber. Works great. The heated seat makes this the go to toilet in our house. The foot sensor works great. I was worried about it going off when walking by and it hasn't e???The warm water and warm fan is a great.The manual flush is great if you lose power or observe the Sabbath.The 3M tape for the remote stand was a welcome surprise if your not sure where you want to keep the remote.

Hoyt Stokes
Sleek Design

Love all of the features and this sleek design matches my bathroom.

Flossie Rowe
Everything you could want in a toilet

I returned the Toto Aquia IV with the S7a bidet seat, and instead opted for this Eplo G20Pro toilet while in the middle of a renovation. The reason for this is that there had been a problem with the Toto toilet I initially ordered, and during this time, I actually went on vacation and my AirBnb had the Eplo DP7 model which I fell in love with. When I realized this Eplo Pro model was half the price of the Toto setup, I decided buying this one was the better option. Therefore, I decided to buy this model as it seemed like this was the newer 2024 version. It works great and does everything ita??s supposed toa?|so far (will update review if something changes). Therea??s something really special about sitting down onto the warm seat, and the instant warm water bidet. Also, I love the kick-to-open seats and flush.My only complaint is that I wish you could disable the auto-flush (even temporarily) while seated. I feel like therea??s an opportunity for water to be wasted if you arena??t quite ready to flush but need to adjust yourself or briefly get up. Additionally, I havena??t found a way for the moving bidet wand function to be set as the default. I always need to push the Rear button a second time to get it to do this.Overall, very happy with this toilet.