EPLO DP7 Smart Toilet

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DP7 ● Auto Open/Close

● With Siphonic Jet Flushing TECH delivers peak flushing performance.

● Convenient features includes: Auto Open/Close, Blackout can Flush, Heated Seat, Off-seat Auto Flush, Foot Kick Flush, Soft Close, Night Light, instant Warm Water Wash,Auto DE0D0RIZATI0N, Warm-dryer, LED TEMP Display plus a Remote Control

● One Piece Bidet Toilet Combo -- Easy to install.

Auto Open/Close

● Approach--Auto open lid--Sit seat--Off-seat leave--Auto flush+Close seat and lid.

● Approach--Auto open lid--Foot kick open seat--Foot kick flush+Close seat and lid.

● Senor built-in detect any user within a 3ft radius. Lid will open automatically for any user within a 3ft radius.

Man‘s Easy Kick ● Friendly for Male Urination

● Foot Kick to Flush or Kick to Open/Close the Seat.

● Foot Kick Button is made of stainless steel with Breathing Light,firm and reliable.

Instant Heated Water & Multiple Nozzle Wash

● Mult Wash Mode~*Rear wash *Female wash *Hot/Cold SPA Massage

● Water temperature adjustment:OFF/93°F-102°F(4 levels).

● Water wash pressure adjustment: 4 levels

● Nozzle works only when the seat is sited.

Siphonic Jet Flushing TECH

Siphonic Jet Flushing TECH provide strong flushing power.

Siphoning before jetting, ensure good flushing effect.

Quiet & Soft Close

● Quiet and slow close reduces noise and collision.

● Japanese SIAA certified seat

Foot Kick • Remote control can also Open/Close

● [For Female/Male] Approach-->Auto open lid-->Sit Seat-->Off-Seat leave-->Auto flush&Close Seat and Lid

● Press"Nozzle Clean+H/C Massage"button on the remote control at the same time for about 3~5 seconds to turn on/off Auto Open Lid Function

● Senor Built-in --Lid Auto Open within a 3ft radius

Friendly for Male Urination • Man‘s Easy Kick

● [For Male Urination ] Approach-->Auto open lid-->Kick open seat-->Use-->Kick flush&Close seat and lid.

● Foot Kick to Flush or Kick to Open/Close.

● Foot Kick Button is made of stainless steel with Breathing Light,firm and reliable.

Never worry about forgetting to Flush

● [ When Sit ] Pre-wetting--a small amount of water(0.08GPF) automatically comes out to wet the inner wall-- Not easy to stick, Easier to flush.

● [ When Leave ] Off-seat leave---A few seconds later---Auto Flush & Auto Close. Senor no longer detects a user, flushing will finish automatically.

Powerful Flushing ● Blackout can Flush

● Siphonic Jet Flushing TECH provide strong flushing power.

Siphoning before jetting ensure good flushing effect.

● Blackout can Flush-- Built-in Backup Battery (Replaceable).

In case of sudden power outage, you can short press the Knob on the side or use the "Foot Kick" to Flush.