Pioneering Intelligent Bathroom Solutions Since 2006

Dear Reader.

Since our inception in 2006, EPLO has been at the forefront of innovation in the intelligent bathroom sector, leading the way with a vision to provide people with a more convenient, intelligent, and comfortable hygiene experience.

In 2006, our founder envisioned a new approach to bathroom spaces, aiming to integrate technology into everyday life to enhance the quality of living. At the time, intelligent bathrooms were a relatively unfamiliar concept, but we were confident that through continuous technological innovation and refinement, EPLO could create an entirely new, more intelligent bathroom experience for users.

The introduction of our first product marked the formal birth of the EPLO brand—a smart toilet that integrated high-tech elements. This product garnered widespread attention for its unique design and advanced features, reshaping people's perception of bathroom spaces. The EPLO brand began to circulate in the industry, establishing itself as a representative in the field of intelligent bathrooms.

Over the decades that followed, EPLO committed itself to continual innovation and enhancement of the product line. Our research and development team constantly introduced cutting-edge technologies, iartificial intelligence, wireless communication, to meet the evolving needs of users for upgraded bathroom environments. Placing user experience at the forefront, EPLO diligently focused on understanding and addressing user needs to create a more intelligent, convenient, and comfortable sanitary environment.

Today, EPLO stands as a leader in the intelligent bathroom sector. We take pride not only in the innovation of our products but also in our commitment to users and our responsibility to society. Looking ahead, EPLO will continue its unwavering efforts to provide users with a more intelligent, convenient, and comfortable hygiene experience, establishing itself as a leader in bathroom technology and shaping a brighter future for living.