EPLO DP7PRO Smart Toilet

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DP7 PRO ● Built-in Tank

● Booster Pump-assisted & Siphonic Jet Flushing TECH delivers peak flushing performance.

● Convenient features : Auto Open/Close, Heated Seat, Blackout can Flush, Off-seat Auto Flush, Foot Kick Flush, Soft Close, Night Light, instant Warm Wash, Auto Deodorization, Warm Dryer, LED TEMP Display plus a Remote Control.

● One Piece Bidet Toilet Combo -- Easy to install.

Auto Open/Close

● Approach--Auto open lid--Sit seat--Off-seat leave--Auto flush+Close seat and lid.

● Approach--Auto open lid--Foot kick open seat--Foot kick flush+Close seat and lid.

*Senor built-in detect any user within a 3ft radius. Lid will open automatically for any user within a 3ft radius.

Friendly for men's urination ● Easy Kick

● Man's Easy Kick---Foot Kick to Flush or Kick to Open/Close.

● Foot Kick Button is made of stainless steel with Breathing Light,firm and reliable.

Instant Heating Water ● Versatile Nozzle Wash

● Multi Wash Mode~*Rear Wash *Female Wash *Hot/Cold SPA Massage Moving Wash

● Water Temp adjustment: OFF/93°F-102°F(4 levels).

● Water wash pressure adjustment: 4 levels

● Nozzle works only when the seat is sited.

Siphonic Jet Flushing TECH

Siphonic Jet Flushing TECH provide strong flushing power. Siphoning before jetting, it can reduce waste accumulation and flush cleaner after use.

Built-in Tank ● Built-in Silent Booster Pump

● Water consumption is as low as 1.06 GPF, More Water Saving.

● Built-in Silent Booster Pump --Using not limited by water pressure.

● Pump-assisted Flushing TECH & Siphonic Jet Flushing TECH delivers peak flush performance.

Built-in Tank & Pump-assisted ● Powerful Flushing

● Built-in Tank, Built-in Silent Booster Pump, Using not limited by water pressure.

● Pump-assisted + Siphonic Jet Flushing TECH delivers peak flush performance. Siphoning before jetting reduce waste accumulation, Jet water to push away dirt

● Water consumption as low as 1.06 GPFMore water-saving

Versatile Nozzle & Instant Heated Water

● Independent live water inlet pipe--instant heated--every drop of warm water for cleaning is warm and clean

● Adjustable Water TEMP : OFF/93°F-102°F(4 levels)

● Water Pressure Adjustment: 4 levels. Nozzle works only when the seat sited.

● Convenient quick release clever nozzle design, Easy to clean

Foot Kick ∣ Remote control can also Open/Close

● [For Female/Male] Approach-->Auto open lid-->Sit seat-->Off-seat leave-->Auto flush&Close seat and lid

● Press"Nozzle Clean+H/C Massage"button on the remote control at the same time for about 3~5 seconds to turn on/off Auto Open Lid Function

● Senor Built-in --Lid Auto Open within a 3ft radius

Friendly for Male Urination ● Man‘s Easy Kick

● [For Male Urination ] Approach-->Auto open lid-->Kick open seat-->Use-->Kick flush&Close seat and lid.

● Foot Kick to Flush or Kick to Open/Close.

● Foot Kick Button is made of stainless steel with Breathing Light,firm and reliable.

Never worry about forgetting to Flush

● [ When Sit ] Pre-wetting--a small amount of water(0.08GPF) automatically comes out to wet the inner wall--Dirt is not easy to stick, Easier to clean.

● [ When Leave ] Off-seat leave---A few seconds later---Auto Flush & Auto Close. Senor no longer detects a user, flushing will finish automatically.

Powerful Flushing ● Blackout can Flush

● Siphonic Jet Flushing TECH provide strong flushing power.

Siphoning before jetting keep the toilet cleaner after Use.

● Blackout can Flush-- Built-in Backup Battery (Replaceable).

In case of sudden power outage, you can short press the Knob on the side or use the "Foot Kick" to Flush.

3 Versions Comparison

● DP7 SE & DP7 • Tankless,DP7 PRO • Built-in Tank;

● DP7 PRO 1.06GPF, More Water-saving.

● DP7 & DP7 PRO can Auto Open/Close,

● DP7 SE Manual Open/Close;

All 3 Versions Blackout can Flush

● All 3 versions have the same appearance.

● All 3 versions have the same Nozzle Functions:

-- • Rear Wash -- • Female Wash

-- • Moving Hot/Cold SPA Massage Wash