EPLO Intelligent Wall-Hung Toilet W20

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About this Item
  • 【Smart Toilet for Bathroom】This one-piece toilet pairs minimalist style with the comfort.A full suite of convenient features includes heated seat,nightlight,deodorization,instant warm water,warm-dryer,and LED display,plus a remote control.
  • 【Various Washing methods】Self-cleaning arc wand offers adjustable spray shape,position,water pressure,temperature,pulsate,and oscillate functions.Front and rear wash modes provide warm water for cleansing.
  • 【Automatic Toilet】Off-seat flushing,button control flushing,foot sensing flushing,remote control flushing.Enjoy hands-free operation.
  • 【Powerful Flushing】One startup activates siphonic and jet flushing for double cleansing,to ensure thorough and efficient cleaning.
  • 【More Humanized Design】ECO energy savings mode ensures electricity is never wasted.Full or half flush(1.6GPF/1.1GPF) can save water and money.
  • 【High Quality】Our products have passed the IAPMO EGS&CUPC&CEC certification,and all components have undergone rigorous testing to ensure the qualiy and stability.
  • 【Have Problems】If you encounter any problems you can contact us through Amazon and we will reply within 24 hours.

Compact Wall-hung Smart toilet

  • Mounting hardware is completely concealed for more space and easy cleaning.
  • Front panel with flush actuator plate for easy access to inner tank and valves, make repair and maintenance easier

Heated Seat

  • 6-speed adjustable seat temperature, give you more comfortable.
  • 3 protections for safe temperature control: heating balance, prevent overheating or burns.

Hands-free Operation

Off-seat Flushing:When the seat sensor no longer detects a user,it will automatically flush.Not only does it free your hands, but you don't have to worry about forgetting to flush.

Push Button Flush

Remote Flush


Multiple Wash Methods

  • Mult Wash Mode:rear wash,Feminine wash,Moving wash.
  • Self-cleaning nozzle: self-cleaning before cleaning, more hygienic.
  • Spray cleaning location: 5 different level adjustment.
  • Nozzle can be removed for cleaning, more hygienic.

Instant Warm Water

  • Independent water inlet pipe,high-quality heating tube, heats in one second.
  • 6 different level adjustment water TEMP.
  • 3 different level adjustment water volume.
  • Even cold water as low as 5"C can be heated instantly, giving you the most intimate carein the cold winter.

Warm Air Dryer

  • 6-speed adjustable wind temperature for fast drying, give you more comfortable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Logan Carter

I was impressed by the brand strength and fine craftsmanship of this smart toilet. The flushing sound of this toilet is very low, almost silent, which allows me to enjoy the comfort without worrying about noise interference.

Taylor Murphy

The product was received, well packaged, the logistics was very fast, the customer service attitude was very positive, and any questions were answered in a timely manner! Overall, I am very satisfied!

Rowan Phillips

My wife found the number for EPLO customer service and the people there are very responsive and very helpful. I cannot say enough good things about their response. They are sending out the missing parts we need. They truly seem to care about taking care of our issues. Thank you EPLO you guys are amazing!
I will update when we get the product installed. We are excited about this product.

Parker Bailey

Since installing this toilet at home, the convenience and comfort of my life have been significantly improved. First of all, the design of this toilet is very user-friendly, the seat is comfortable and ergonomic, and you will not feel tired or uncomfortable even after long-term use. The seat material is soft and easy to clean, which gives me more peace of mind during use.

Kendall Green

Installed it myself. Installation was easier than I thought. Had questions and used the serivise page in the evening and the next morning and day I had their full support. They are extremely helpful and responsive!! Love the look!