Malfunctioning Heating Seat Toilet

If you are experiencing problems with the seat heating, or want to adjust the temperature of the seat, try the following.

Short press the "SEAT TEMP" button to adjust the seat temperature. The indicator will show the seat Temperature level if it’s on. When the indicator is off, the seat level is 0. Short press this Button to adjust seat temperature level from 0 to 5 in cycle.

Note:Energy saving mode will be suspended and goes to function mode if someone uses the seat in the middle of energy saving. The seat starts to heat immediately (without closing the seat temperature), and the energy saving mode is restored after the human body leaves the seat.

Note: Press and hold until you hear a BEEEP sound from the toilet to indicate that the toilet has received the command.

If the above operations do not solve the problem, please feel free to contact us, our technicians will provide professional solutions.


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