Correct Poor Toilet Flush?

Hi If you are experiencing weak flushing
Please be sure to check step by step.
1- Please ensure that the switch of the water inlet pipe is fully open.

2- Check if the hose is twisted.

If it is not easy to check, you can open the bidet cover and check it at the same time when checking the second level filter screen.
When you confirm that there are no issues with both the first two steps,
Please remove the two-stage filter of the toilet and check the flushing situation.
The toilet has two levels of filters, the first level is shown in.
Please refer to the attached video for the second level filter screen
Remove the filter screen and clean it.
*****Please first check if the flushing of the toilet can be restored to normal without installing both two filter screens.
In general, after removing the two-stage filter screen, the toilet can be flushed normally.
If the toilet can work normally, please restore the installation of the first stage filter screen of the T valve,
The second level filter can be cancelled.
Please follow the above steps, if the flushing problem is still not solved, please take a video of the complete flushing and send it to us, our technicians will give a solution.

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